Newsletter July 2020

Psalm 119 verse 105 

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path 
Every day I witness the Hand of our Father God in our home, in my life and in the lives of those around me. Our Father, the Father of the fatherless, our provider, the One who calls us His sons and daughters- He will never leave us. He is our comfort and joy, our strength when we are weak, carries our burdens when we are heavy-laden and gives us peace and rest for our souls. What an honour it is to serve at iKhaya and to be a part of God’s care for His children. In this time, once again, I am in awe of His glory, His overflowing blessings on us and the community we have been able to reach out to. 

Matt 6 v 33-34 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

Mandela Day

Thank you to all who went out their way, putting in the extra love and effort to stock up our grocery cupboards and provide warm winter clothes for the kiddies. The lengths you went to, the time and love you invested is so evident and spilled over into blessing our home. Grantleigh School held a “Virtual Run” with the entry fees being non-perishables. What a novel initiative to raise awareness, and to support the those less fortunate, while in lockdown. Rebecca Du Toit Photography ran a special with all her proceeds going towards winter clothing and socks which she and her friends packaged into personalised gift bags for each child in our care. The WI, of Empangeni Methodist Church, plus a couple of kind-hearted ladies, put together 67 items of clothing and shoes along with an adorable handcrafted bunny and jersey for our babies. Solly’s Take Away and Sky Security filled the kiddies bellies with a warm treat which they enjoyed as a picnic outdoors.

Gifts, food and fun…

Let Me Love You More Till You're Not Little Anymore

Our tiny tots are growing up so fast and they bring so much love into our home! Our older kids simply adore them. We have some truly loving, caring daddies in

the making and our girls make great little mommy’s helpers already. If you’d like to sow into their lives we would appreciate nappies, Infacare No 2, wet wipes, toiletries and any pre-loved, in-good-nick toys, prams, cot mattresses and linen.

You can't stop your children growing up but you can be present so you don't miss them growing up

”Congratulations and Celebrations”

Blessing and spoiling each child on their birthday is a gesture we do as a sign of our love, acceptance and care of each child, as an individiual.

We want our kids to know they are worthy, important and valuable beyond measure and this is one way we are able to convey this message from our hearts.

This party was a dress-up themed party and eveyone preselected their outfits, in anticipation, during the days leading up to the big day.

The young chap was over the moon to hear he was getting a cake with trucks on it and was delighted when it arrived! Happy moments that will be treasured memories forever!

”No Bake Baking”

This two ingredient play dough is so simple to make that even the toddlers got stuck in. Just mix corn flour into to scented, pink aqueous cream. A little food colouring quickly changes the dough into other fun colours, especially if the lotion is white. This is a   affair but is such a fantastic “no- bake-baking” activity that colour mixing, textures and creativity. Kids’ fine and gross motor skills are stimulated as they mix and knead the dough before making creations of their own. Definitely a winner!

”From The Heart”

Dear Friends of iKhaya


God is challenging me daily to dig deeper and to reach into the very core of each little life I encounter and to continually encourage our caregivers, to exercise more compassion and more empathy as they interact and care for the children in our home, giving them the comfort and safe place needed to face their challenges and difficult pasts. I am constantly reminded that children with behavioral challenges or difficulties are often hurting and crying out for love, acceptance and affirmation. Love them through the hurt and heartache and reap the rewards of a thriving child. This is not easy but something I know reaps more than is sown! Thank you to the many folk who support our home, without which our load would be heavier and our goals less achievable. May you be blessed as you read our newsletters and see the many lives that are being touched and transformed through your generosity and faithfulness. And we give all the glory to our God, the Father of the fatherless.