Newsletter August 2020

Psalm 23: 5 

“My cup overflows” 

A cup runs over when it cannot hold all that is being poured into it. The emphasis of Psalm 23 is the Good Shepherd’s loving care for His sheep. The Lord not only gives His people what they need, but He supplies abundance in the midst of difficult times. 

As the world faces the COVID pandemic and the difficult economic impact on so many of us, I am reminded of this scripture of the Good Shepherd and how our Good Father is caring for us at iKhaya LikaBaba. His abundance has been poured out, stomped down and is overflowing to the very community that serves and supports us. 
We stand in awe at His works and blessings in the lives of the fatherless, the vulnerable, the hurting. His love abounds; His blessings never end! 

Little Rays of Sunshine

Each morning our babies and toddlers spend time in our Early Childhood Development program. This is vital time for stimulation of the body and mind for this age group. The focus is on having FUN through PLAY. Kids learn primarily through play at this tender age.

The children spend time both in- and outdoors so as to include fine and gross motor development. Educational toys and equipment, play dough, drawing & colouring in, nature walks, outdoor games, free play and dress up time for expanding the imagination, bike riding and jungle gyms are all form part of their school days.

Afternoons are unstructured where the young kids get to socially interact with the older children. This time is mutually beneficial as we teach the older kids to be kind, caring and considerate while playing age appropriately and helping the smaller kids. The LITTLIES love the attention from the older kids and attempting to do BIG KID activities boosts their self- confidence and stretches their capabilities. Just love it!

When We Engage In What We Are Naturally Suited Do, Our Work Takes On The Quailty Of Play, And It Is Play That Stimulates Creativity - Linda Naiman

A Taste Explosion

Tasting gherkins for the first time. There was a fair amount of apprehension from the older children, yet simple trust from the little tots.

We thoroughly enjoyed the few sour face reactions but all the children actually enjoyed them and asked for

seconds. I was kind though... they were sweet and sour not dill flavoured!

Creativity Is Contagious. Pass It On. - Albert Einstein

My regular office visitors. The youngsters either come for chats and hugs, colouring in or to negotiate to be my helper when I pack up to leave work. The distraction, disruption and fiddling fingers is outweighed by the moments of exchanged affection, words of affirmation, giggles and joking. These tots know how to fill my love tank!

Doing Life Together

Meeting Lilo

A Sweet Treat

Homework Time

Simon Says

Handy Man



Puppy Love

Tots 2 Teens

As the children mature we celebrate their birthdays a little differently... age appropriately! Growing up has its pros and cons and this is one of those occassions that is a somewhat greay area. Parties with school friends, castles, chips and sweets kinda changes to social/ family celebrations over a meal or a simple outing as we grow up. Our eldest is paving the way as she breaks the trend from tot to teen! I got to share my birthday with her and we celebrated together with an evening braai (barbeque for the American fans) of meat, salads, desert and a made-with-love cake of her choice. We are super proud of the way she is maturing and embracing her life!

By Grace Alone

Dear Friends of iKhaya

Every day is a new day, a new opportunity and a new gift from God.

I want to encourage you just as this has encouraged me... we are not defined by our past. Let that sink in for a moment... Poor choices, wasted years, mistakes we’ve made... God answers the mess of our lives with Grace! It’s never too late to start over, to say I’m sorry, to forgive, to try again, to... God is a gracious God, a loving and forgiving God.

Many children (some are now adults), not just those placed in Children’s Homes, have faced traumatic pasts and feel that there is no way forward, have no hope or reason to give life a real go or no hope of restored relationships with family.

I want to tell you that God is a God of second chances and by His Grace we CAN! Daily we witness His Hand of Provision, Love and Grace in the lives of vulnerable children and our own lives, and we stand in awe of His Hand over us all. Thank you to each and every person, church and company who support our home... together we are impacting and giving hope to the children we care for at iKhaya LikaBaba.

We appreciate your love, prayers and gifts that you so generously pour into our lives.

Greetings from the team and kids 


Love One Another