Newsletter October 2020

From the Heart!

My heart aches as I see children grappling with the consequences of trauma. They themselves cannot fathom or understand the reason for their own emotional outbursts of anger or sadness, tantrums, misbehavior, disrespect, poor concentration, lethargy, eating disorders and the list goes on. The heart of the matter is they are HURTING and need unconditional LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, REASSURANCE, PRAISE, and UNDERSTANDING to comfort them and build their self-worth and esteem. We pray for God to do miracle works in their lives and to heal and rewire their brains.

The opportunities for acts of kindness, love, therapeutic play and activities is endless and the more we invest the more we reap and the child thrives. There is space for many folk to partner with this corrective process, be it hands on, financial or prayerful. Teachers, OT and Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Sports enthusiasts, Dancers, Computer gamers, Artists, Crafters, Singers and Musicians are needed to invest time and love into the lives of our kids. We appreciate every ounce of support and hope to hear from you.  Greetings Loressa

Hair at Home

Being pampered is good for the soul! We all love a little tender care and having our hair is one of those spirit lifters! Our older girls really enjoy changing their hair styles and our staff are great at braiding, straitening and styling.


Our partnership with Woolworths sees us receiving delicious meals, fresh fruit, veggies, treats and even flowers. My love for flowers has rubbed off on the kiddies and they now ask for a flower too. They add their flower to a jar which they place in the playroom for everyone to enjoy. How precious to see them appreciating God’s gifts and creations from nature.

"Let Me Be Mommy"

The emphasis on role-play for young kids isn’t as big as it once was – most likely because of screens, high tech toys and parents working more. But role-playing is such an important part of a child’s emotional and social development.

Here are 8 good reasons why:

  1. It develops language and communication skills
    Acting out a role different to your own, whether it’s being the mummy, daddy or someone else entirely, means children need to exercise their verbal and physical skills. But as it’s make-believe and fun play, there’s no pressure feeling involved and talking flows more easily.
  2. It helps them with real life situations
    Little children can easily be overwhelmed or frightened by certain situations  particularly if they’re new or unfamiliar, and role-playing can really help with this
  3. It encourages empathy
    Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, even if it’s pretend, is a great way to understand how others might be feeling.
  4. It’s learning disguised as play
    Role-play can be a great way to sneak some academic learning in, because when you’re playing children are generally willing, active participants.
  5. It sparks creativity and imagination 
    We live in a technological world which is great on many levels, but more often than not it stifles originality and creative play – so you need to get the balance right.
  6. It develops social skills via collaboration
    When children are in a safe zone, they’re a lot more open to bold social interactions than they might usually be.
  7. It gets them moving
    Contrary to simply watching TV or “technology time”, role-playing gets kids both physically and mentally active.
  8. It lets them express ideas, experiment and explore
    So many little ones are bursting with surprising ideas and untapped abilities, but if they’re not given the chance to let them out, you’ll never know! Role-play games take them out of their comfort zone and into new territories. They also give the chance to have a voice without fear or judgment as they find their way and discover new things about themselves and the world, with the freedom and confidence to dream as big as they want.


Threading beads is great for hand eye coordination, stimulates creativity and builds confidence through task completion and skill development. Diamond dotting is fantastic for relaxation and improves concentration. Granny Nellie has grown attached to the kids and they are extremely fond of her! Many hours are spent together making things, painting, sticking and cutting too. Thank you Nellie we appreciate you!

Everyone is invited to attend our AGM on 23 November 2020. So if you are interested in supporting our home, improving the lives of vulnerable children or simply want to learn more about our mission work we would love for you to join us, simply RSVP and show up!

We would love to spoil the staff and children with a braai for Christmas Day. Meat, salads, snacks and drinks will be most welcome donations.

With 13 learners to kit out for 2021 we have a mammoth task ahead. They all need stationery, uniforms, lunch bags and boxes. If this is where you see yourself helping out then call or email Loressa.