Newsletter February 2020

Babies and toddlers develop and learn through play. Our ECD or kindergarten program runs Monday to Friday 8am to noon. The babies are stimulated through touch, cuddles and lots of interactive play with texture, colours and sounds. Toddlers up to 3 year olds are more physical and get to sing and dance, play and build with play dough, follow instructions during “gymnastics”, climbing and swinging on the outdoor equipment and digging and building in the sandpit. Social skills, like respect for each other, caring and sharing are developed through this play time. To be a part of these little mites’ education you can support us through sponsorship towards the teacher’s salary, educational equipment, art and craft supplies or a morning outing to an animal farm perhaps.

Party Time

Our twin boys celebrated their birthday this month. Their birthday falls over Christmas, and in the December school holidays, making it rather inconvienient to host a party that includes school friends. So we arranged a belated celebration to enable them to invite their school besties to enjoy the special occsion with them. Party hats, treats, party games and a treasure hunt, with loads of fun and enery spent, made for a wonderful and memorable day.


Look who surprised us with their presence! Johanna Lea and Luisa left us in July 2019 after volunteering faithfully for 11 months at iKhaya LikaBaba. They have come to visit their many friends made during their season in South Africa, to volunteer and to spend quality time with the children they developed deep connections with at iKhaya. Having them with us is like a family reunion… so many happy faces, shrieks of sheer joy and loads of chattering! My office has become “cluttered” once again with their projects as they work on activities to entertain the kids and as they spend time reconnecting with me… and getting up to mischief as usual! So good to have our girls home!

The Netherlands!

Receiving mail, and more especially gifts, in the post is a huge delight for any child, and adult alike! Our littlies enjoyed the crafting goodies and the older children were thrilled to read stories and the greeting cards to the youngsters. We hung the cute, little soft décor toys on the baby cots- for little eyes and minds to be stimulated. We so enjoy the partnerships we have with so many friends far and wide! Thank you Stitching Friends for Africa for your gesture of love!

Summer Lovin’

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

Dear friends of iKhaya Our aim at iKhaya is to provide well-balanced physical, social and emotional care aimed at developing each child to his or her full potential. This includes a good foundational education with access to speech and OT therapy as required, support through counselling and psychological support, good nutrition and medical attention as well as meeting the social and emotional needs of each child.

The most recent increase in DSD funding has been a huge relief in that it covers around 60-70% of our operational costs. We are however registered to care for 25 but funded for 20 cildren creating a gap in financial resources. In light of this, we rely heavily on the funding and support of businesses and communities, both locally and internationally.

We can never say thank you enough to all who partner with us. We apologise if we have not sent you a personal note of gratitude, but we want you all to know how truly grateful we are to have you on board! We count our bessings daily and thank our Heavenly Father for each and every person for their generous hearts. “It is in giving that we receive”. May you be blessed ten-fold!

Love and greetings Loressa, kids and staff of iKhaya iKhaya