Family for Orphans

by Budal Family, February 1, 2011 

With excitement we have welcomed the Budal family from Norway. They arrived in Jhb on Friday 20th August , purchased a vehicle on Saturday 21st August and drove to Empangeni reaching here at 21h00 that evening. This family of 5 have uprooted from their home and made huge sacrifices simply to come and serve and work at iKhaya, for 10 months. Tormod will be working on Oilrigs on alternate months reuniting with his family back in Empangeni, every 2nd month for some rest. Jenny and her 2 daughters Helga Sofie and Svanhild will be at iKhaya and knitting in with our staff, volunteers and children, helping with the running of our home . Trygve (13) will be starting school this coming Wednesday at Felixton College to continue his education, locally.

This amazing family arrived at iKhaya Likababa on Monday morning to meet the babies and the staff and to get orientated and to see what needs attention. The very next day they arrived at 'work' and in no time at all, repaired a wooden table in the play room, assembled a trampoline, made a list of missing parts and started the huge task of sorting through our store room, in between playing with our little babe who is too young to be at school. Please pop in to meet this wonderful family, and to see the outworking of their hearts through iKhaya and our children.

Ty Heuser

Ty Heuser - Germany
Volunteered for a year (2010 - 2011)
Returned in 2013 for 6 Weeks (2013)


In 2007 God has put something on my heart. He gave me an unquenchable love for this country, and so I decided to spend one year at iKhaya Lika Baba (from 2010-2011).

Now, in 2013, I have returned to South Africa and I realised again how precious this place is. Though this time it is only for 6 weeks, it feels like I have never left and I will never leave South Africa again. My heart burns for this nation. Back in Germany after one year of volunteering at iKhaya I couldn’t stop wondering when I would be returning. And now that I am here I cannot believe it has been two years that I have been gone. Returning to South Africa was a bit like coming home. But right now South Africa is not a place for me to live in. Simply because I know 100% that God wants to use me in Germany and I cannot wait to get back to my church, youth group and worship team at home. That is where God has planted me for this season of my life and there is no place on earth I would rather be (not even South Africa). But returning to South Africa also made me realise that this will definitely not be the last time that I am touch South African soil. Somewhere in my heart there is this deep connection to iKhaya, Solid Ground (the local church) and my dear friends that I have here.  I will never stop asking God what His plans are for me, and in that I will never stop asking what His plans are for me and South Africa. If it will be relocating to South Africa or just an occasional visit for the summer holidays - I don’t know. I just know that He HAS a plan! For now I just enjoy every single second that I am here.

Coming back after two years I also noticed that a lot of things have changed. There is a new building (iKhaya 3) and a new (VERY precious) family living in it, new kids, new staff, new volunteers, a new car and alot of other new things in and around the house. All this change is good! Things are happening here, things are expanding and there is this vibe of “as long as there are children out there without a home, we will carry on doing what we do best: Caring for the least of these”. I just love it.

Ty Heuser

Amina Yaqub, Lea Mensch & Theresa Plieth (September 2013 to July 2014)


Amina (From Germany) Hey, my name is Amina and I am from Bielefeld, Germany. Like the other two girls, I am 19 years old and am spending the next 10 months in Empangeni to work at iKhaya LikaBaba. I have two older brothers, an older sister, one younger brother and lovely and supportive parents. I’m very excited about the next months ahead! Not only because I get to spend time with these precious kids, but also because I already love the country and the people I met and have come to know.


Lea (From Germany) My name is Lea, I am 19 years old and I am from Wesel, Germany. Back at home I have three younger sisters and one younger brother, waiting for me to return. I will not be returning this year, because I will be spending 10 months in this awesome country South Africa, and will be working at iKhaya LikaBaba. I am really glad about that. I recently finished school in July and wanted to spend a year far away from home, to leave everything behind and be a help where I can. I also didn’t want to go on studying and am very happy to have this break, although I have to learn a lot more than I did in school. But I thank God for giving me the opportunity to spend such a great time in this country with such wonderful people!

TheresaTheresa (From Germany) My name is Theresa and I will work at iKhaya LikaBaba for one year. I am really excited to be here and am glad that I have taken this step. My home is in Germany, near Dusseldorf, where I have an awesome family - my parents and three lovely sisters. I have recently graduated from high school and decided to take one year after school to invest in others. Since I had a dream one night (in 2011) in which I worked at an orphanage in South Africa, I have been looking forward to this special moment. I love being here and I am really thankful for the chance to work at iKhaya LikaBaba for a year.