iKhaya Newsletter March 2019


iKhaya LikaBaba


Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice


A brand new bundle of girl arrived at iKhaya weighing a mere 2kgs! Too tiny for words but enough to fill our hearts to overflowing! She has been placed into foster care, and is being loved and cherished beyond comprehension. Her foster family is providing the most loving family home for her. Thank you to evey single person who reached out to supply our needs, plus more, to make her transion smooth and us wanting and in need of nothing. Your faithfulness is appreciated and we are so very grateful. God has used each one of you to meet this baby girl’s needs. He is a faithful father who looks after His own! 

My Personal Handyman

I get daily “visitors” in my office. The children love to pop in for a chat, to draw a pic, get up to mischief or just for some much needed love and attention. On this occasion we offered this little girlie, after her watching with careful awareness, the screedriver to “fix” the office chair. With a measure of precision, that only a 2 year old has, she got right to work! Times like these melt my heart and give me a moment of pleasure and joy. What a priveledge to work at iKhaya impacting the lives of many children, and adults along the way.


Honouring Our Moms


Raising children is no walk in the park for most parents let alone raising children that are not your own flesh and blood. Then add in the traumatic past our children have experienced and the task becomes so much more complicated. Our ladies give of themselves daily to meet the needs of each and every child at iKhaya and to honour them as mothers, our children treated them to a morning tea. With the help and inspiration from our volunteers, they served their mothers refreshments and showered them with great entertainment and special words from the heart.



Campfires Burning

March-2019-7Taking advantage of the great outdoors and open spaces that we are blessed with at the property… having a campout under the stars with a bonfire. The mesmerising fire, the dampness of the dew, the treat of eating a picnic supper outdoors and attempting to sleep under the stars were all part of making wonderful memories! The children loved every minute of this adventure and constantly ask when they will do it again! We so often take life’s little things for granted. This is a simple reminder to slow down and enjoy the moments we so easily miss in the course of our busyness.



Open Water Lesson

Sonja Swim School ended the swimming season with a bash! Sonja invited us to the Zululand Multi Sports Club in Richards Bay for an open water swimming lesson, lunch and some play time fun. Did you ever consider that swimming in a dam verses a pool comes with different challenges? When swimming in the pool you can stop, hold on to the edge when tired, and rest if needed. When swimming in the sea or dam you don’t have this option! The water is clear in a pool but open water is most often mirky or dirty and one cannot see the bottom let alone any dangers that lurk below! Kids can easily panic when suddenly they find themselves in deep water and with nothing to hang onto! Swimming in open water is therefore more risky, so one should be fit enough and able to swim reasonable distances before the transition from the pool to open water. There is more to learning to swim than meets the eye! Thank you Sonja and Debi for treating our children to this adventure that came with a hidden life skill too!



Two Today!

Sphe turned 2 this month and celebrated his birthday with his iKhaya siblings. We are truly blessed to be able to spoil each child with a gift from us (the family he knows as his own) and to throw them a small, intimate yet fun party. We do this from the heart to demonstrate the love we have for them and the place they dearly fill in our hearts and lives! Here’s a shout out to those who financially support this initiative. If you too would like to be a part of a birthday party please contact me to get more details. We woud love to have you on board!


Dearest iKhaya friends and family

I count my daily blessings. To work at iKhaya alone, I count as a privelege. To be doing what I love and am passionate about, fulfilling my calling, touching and changing lives, witnessing God’s hand of provision, grace and restoration are some of the daily gifts I am thankful for! Without God and without his people’s obedience and generosity we certainly would not be able to do our work or to do it to the standard we so desire. Providing a better life and a second chance is one thing but to provide each child with a great education with the prospects of tertiary studies and access to job oportunities, learning life and social skills, having healthy, nurishing meals and access to excellent medical care, all while being loved and cared for by “parental figures” are the deeper desires of our hearts. We dream of refining our home structure, even more than we already have, to see each child in a family unit. This would mean building new cluster homes or modifying the existing structures to accomplish this feet. If you feel God stirring you to partner with us in property development please give me a call. Otherwise join us in prayer as we trust God to open the flood gates of His provision for this project.

We love and appreciate you all!
Love and greetings, Loressa and family iKhaya